All Kids Alliance is not a stand-alone “501-c-3” non-profit.  It is hosted by the University of Houston (College of Education) as a service to the Greater Houston com​munity and a facet of the University’s community engagement.

While the University is generous in providing some “in-kind” support, the lion’s share of the resources needed to operate All Kids Alliance – so we can build capacity region-by-region for groups to advocate for and take action for communities -- come from external donors: philanthropic, corporate, and individual.

So, if you would like to help underwrite our work, we’d appreciate your financial support very much. 

Donate online​ by following the link and choosing "All Kids Alliance" under "I would like to make a gift to benefit the following." Or you may send a check, payable to “University of Houston / All Kids Alliance.”

Our address is
All Kids Alliance
University of Houston
College of Education
Houston, TX 77204-5023​