All Kids Alliance + JPMorgan Chase + Common Impact = Success

I​n the summer of 2015, All Kids Alliance began working with a JPMorgan Chase Virtual Service Corps project team.  We wanted to better assist our regional partners in making data-informed decisions and drive systems change strategy work.  Our goal: to develop a data operations roadmap. 

We were linked with the JPMorgan Chase team by Common Impact, a non-profit corporation that uses its network of corporate partners and volunteer consultants to coordinate the provision of professional services to non-profit organizations.  Common Impact also facilitated each step in the process over several months.

The data operations roadmap designed by the JPMorgan Chase team was intended to identify potential areas for refining our process of gathering, storing, and presenting data.  With a variety of improvement strategies at our disposal, the roadmap also helped us prioritize the changes we wanted to make and could afford to implement. 

Through staff conversations and evaluation of existing documents and reports, our JPMorgan Chase team conducted a comprehensive assessment of All Kids Alliance’s data processes. 

The resulting roadmap that they prepared outlines proposed solutions to our need to reduce manual and repetitive data gathering efforts, improve data security, and shorten the report production process. 

In addition, the roadmap offers recommendations to make it easier for our regional partners to better track and understand change strategies based on data analysis.

As our work with the JPMorgan Chase team was ending, we began discussions with other Houston-area non-profit organizations about creating a data portal to maintain student-level data associated with the services and interventions that they provide. 

We sense considerable interest in this prospect, and members of the JPMorgan Chase team are open to extending the work we have started together. 

We will keep you posted on our progress and new developments.​