Priority Outcomes for Emerging Partnerships in Greater Houston

​In the Strive/All Kids Alliance Framework, a community organizes an executive-level council that is tasked with setting desired Cradle to Career Outcomes for its community and then prioritizing those Outcomes as a way of deciding where to begin the Council’s work for its kids.

We are happy to report that there are four communities in Greater Houston that have arrived at the stage of having identified their first priorities where they will begin to work. 

Those priorities include:
• Early Childhood – Kindergarten Readiness which includes pre-literacy and pre numeracy
• Early Grades Reading and Writing
• Fifth Grade Math
• High School to College – High School Proficiency in Reading and Math

The next step is to form a Community Action Network around each priority.  Each Network is a multi-sector group of community members who care about that specific Outcome and are willing to commit the time needed to work on it.  Their work consists of examining relevant data about the Outcome, setting indicators for future measurement and recommending to the Council a business plan or intervention to begin to affect change.

We congratulate these first four councils for their continued efforts to support their kids, Cradle to Career.