Fort Bend P16 Council Hosts its First Best Practices Math Summit

Congratulations to The Fort Bend P16 Council for hosting its first Best Practices Math Summit. Held on Saturday November 2, 2013 in Sugar Land, the Summit was attended by over 200 teachers in K-12 and college as well as superintendents and other administrators from across Fort Bend County.  The Summit provided a full day of breakout sessions where best practices were presented and examined.  A  nationally known featured speaker from Cambridge, Massachusetts, Greg Tang, demonstrated his innovative methods of teaching arithmetic that are so creative and engaging that children often forget they are learning math!


The idea and need for this summit came out of the work of the Fort Bend P16 Regional Council whose members have been meeting and studying the needs of their students since 2007.  Their mission is “to create a college and career going culture among stakeholders and participants from pre-school through college graduation, to promote life-long learning and to sustain a high quality of life in the Fort Bend region.”


Recently we reported on the work of the Fort Bend P16 Regional Council -- the 5th Grade Math Collaborative Action Network .  This Network recently began a pilot project to test whether certain math-related practices observed in specific high-achieving schools can be equally as successful when introduced in other schools. 


All Kids Alliance commends Fort Bend County P16 Regional Council for its efforts in supporting its kids and teachers as they continue to address challenges around learning and teaching math.