StriveTogether—the foundational organization and framework for All Kids Alliance – has released a new Theory of Action
What’s a Theory of Action?  It’s a kind of “if/then” proposition. 
IF a community partnership follows certain steps with the intention of improving student outcomes, THEN its chances of truly reaching those outcomes should be greatly improved, if not guaranteed. 
StriveTogether Theory of Action, lays out 32 “benchmarks” or building blocks that mark progress from the first stages of “start-up” activity in a community to the time when that community can be lifted up as a “proof point”- a community with demonstrated accomplishments, achieved at scale and sustained over time.
Partnership development goes through a sequence of stages or gateways called “exploring,” “emerging” “sustaining,” and “systems change.”  All gateways and the benchmarks within them are fit with assessment criteria that specify the kinds of evidence required to document progress.
In the end, the StriveTogether Theory of Action is the new standard of rigor that will guide the work of All Kids Alliance.  To that end, we have begun adapting our All Kids Alliance “Progress Charting” to the Theory of Action, using the Theory of Action to guide the work of cradle-to-career partnerships in the Greater Houston area.